Best Flooring for Beach Vacation Properties
Tips • January 26, 2023

Best Flooring for Beach Vacation Properties

by Floor Authority

Myrtle Beach is a #1 destination spot for many tourists who rely heavily on vacation rentals. All vacation properties have one thing in common: They need the right type of flooring. If you are planning on upgrading your flooring for your vacation rental, Floor Authority has several key factors to help you figure out which floors best suit your property’s location, use, and style.

  1. Consider the Climate

A lot of vacation properties tend to be close to the beach where you are near water and warm, humid regions. As a result, the flooring could be exposed to anything from moisture to tracked-in sand. When choosing your flooring, keep in mind the weather and surrounding elements. A beach-front property will benefit from durable, water-resistant flooring such as vinyl, laminate, and the best option, tile. We suggest saving the carpet for a vacation property in the mountains.

  1. Consider the Amount of Traffic

Make sure to choose durable flooring for properties you are renting out year-round. Vacation properties take a lot of wear and tear, so make your selection based on how many people, pets, and objects will be coming in and out. Think about your needs and evaluate the pros and cons of each type of flooring. For example, a vacation rental with a lot of activity should consider lvp or laminate flooring as they are both durable, water-resistant and long-lasting.

  1. Consider Property Ownership

Another factor to bring into the equation is how long you plan on owning the property. If you plan on selling it in the near future, we suggest choosing a flooring that will be appealing to home buyers. Neutral colors and trending styles are a safe bet.

  1. Choose your Style

Some beach front properties are magnificent while others are modest and meant for a less lavish lifestyle. Depending on the style you are trying to achieve will determine which type of flooring you should choose. A beach home would benefit from choosing whites, greys, and neutrals with accents of blues to fit the beach theme. You can achieve this style by choosing lvp, laminate, or tile. Tile is going to give you an upscale look but will also cost you a pretty penny. A more affordable and just as good option would-be luxury vinyl plank which comes in many colors and styles. Floor Authority has options for every style and budget!

  1. Remember Budget

Most people don’t have an unlimited budget when renovating their home. As a result, it is crucial to take in all aspects of the project from purchasing the flooring to the installation. We suggest hiring professionals to do the install to save yourself time and potential frustration. Floor Authority can help keep you in budget and find the perfect flooring for your vacation property!

Flooring plays a big part in the success of your beach vacation rental as it can help increase your rental rates by being a nicer rental and will provide your guests with a wonderful experience by your property being up to date and modern. New flooring will benefit you in the long run by providing you floors that stand up to the wear and tear and last a lifetime! If you are looking to renovate your beach vacation property, give Floor Authority a call today at 843-788-9792!

Benefits of LVP

  • Most affordable
  • You can easily switch out a panel instead of replacing the whole floor.
  • Vinyl is waterproof and resilient, great for high traffic areas.
  • Easy to clean.

Benefits of Tile

  • Excellent option for high moisture areas
  • Easy to clean
  • If one tile breaks it is easy to replace the one tile
  • Highly durable
  • Stylish and long lasting

Benefits of Laminate

  • It’s easy to clean with a vacuum or sweeper.
  • It’s resistant to scratches.
  • Instead of replacing the whole floor, you can replace the panels.
  • Less expensive than hardwood.