Why choose carpet?

Carpet is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to personalize your home. It offers a vast selection of styling and design options that can deliver the performance you need and the look you want. Carpet technology has improved significantly over the past decade and now offers the durability required to last. Our Myrtle Beach showroom and warehouse locations can help you choose a carpet that you’ll love for years to come.

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Types of carpet

When considering your carpet flooring options there are three basic types: cut pile carpet, loop pile carpet and a combination of both.

Cut Pile Carpet

The most common type, cut pile carpets are sheared with exposed fiber ends often made out of polyester and wool. The twists in the fibers make cut pile carpet a great choice to use throughout the house, since this structure makes it less prone to matting and crushing. Frieze and saxony carpets are two popular types of cut pile carpeting.

Loop Pile Carpets

Loop pile fibers are quite different from cut pile in that they’re left uncut, creating a looped effect. This type of pile is rather short and highly durable and can therefore withstand highly trafficked areas. Sisal and berber carpets are two popular types of loop pile carpets.

Cut and Loop Pile Combination Carpets

Lastly, there are the combination cut and loop pile options. The combination of cut and looped fibers can give you more options from an aesthetic perspective, as they offer unique and abstract geometric designs. Cut and loop pile carpets are best to install in light-traffic areas like a bedroom or study, since they aren’t as durable as some of the other options.

Benefits of Carpet

Just like other types of flooring, carpet has unique characteristics and benefits that you’ll need to consider when choosing a flooring type for your home.

stylish flooring


From cut pile to loop pile, carpet has a style all it's own. Whether you’re looking for something cozy, simple, eclectic or luxurious there are plenty of options to choose from.

comfortable flooring


Carpet is hands down the most comfortable and plush flooring option underfoot. If you spend a lot of time walking or standing, carpet will be a better flooring option compared to hard surfaces.


Carpet helps insulate a space, giving you more natural warmth. Carpet padding will also add to the insulation factor, so if you’re looking to save on energy costs, carpet might be the right option.


Hard surfaces are known for being slippery. The soft nature and extra padding of carpet makes it a much safer option than any other flooring type.


While all flooring options have a range of price points, carpet is known to be the most cost-effective flooring option and the easiest to replace.

Noise reduction

Much like heat insulation, carpet also offers sound insulation. Carpet and its padding helps absorb sound making for a quieter living space.

Factors to consider when choosing carpet

Face Weight

Another factor in carpet performance is face weight, or the amount of fiber used in the construction. The more fiber used, the better the carpet will feel and the better it will perform. Face weight is measured in ounces per square yard (oz/SY) and typically runs from 25 ounces (low grade) up to 60 ounces and more. For general living spaces, you should consider a carpet face weight of 36 ounces or higher.

Soil and Stain Resistance

Stain and soil resistance are primary considerations for today’s carpet buyer. Some carpet fiber systems offer built-in stain resistance such as PET and Trixexta, while others like Nylon use a topical treatment such as Stain Master. Both have their benefits and have improved greatly over the decade.

Carpet Seams

A seam may be required during the installation of carpet, depending on the dimensions of the room. Think of carpet as a piece of fabric that has to be cut to fit your unique space. Generally, carpet seams are hard to notice; however, they may be visible depending on the type of carpet.

Prime Elegance

A premium carpet cushion with attached double sided SpillSafe™ moisture barrier.

Benefits of Prime Elegance

  • 1/2” thickness
  • Excellent for pet-friendly homes
  • SpillSafe™ aids in cleaning by keeping liquids from absorbing into carpet cushions or subfloors
  • Made with premium high density prime foam for luxurious and plush walking surfaces.
  • SpillSafe™ double sided moisture barrier inhibits the growth of mold, mildew, and odor causing bacteria
  • Life of the home warranty
  • Made in the USA

Premium Gel

A viscoelastic memory foam carpet cushion with attached SpillSafe™ moisture barrier.

Benefits of Premium Gel

  • 7/16” thickness
  • Excellent for pet-friendly homes
  • SpillSafe™ aids in cleaning by keeping liquids from absorbing into carpet cushions or subfloors
  • Made with premium viscoelastic memory foam for luxurious comfort
  • SpillSafe™ double sided moisture barrier inhibits the growth of mold, mildew, and odor causing bacteria
  • Life of the home warranty
  • Made in the USA


A premium carpet cushion at an affordable price.

Benefits of Jewel

  • 7/16” thickness
  • FHA Class II for use in heavy traffic areas
  • Manufactured from 90% recycled materials
  • CRI Green Label Plus certified for low VOCs
  • Sound dampening for a quiet home
  • Life of the carpet warranty
  • Made in the USA

Maintenance tips

Even in highly trafficked areas, proper carpet care will help extend the lifetime and maintain the beauty of your carpet.


  • Remove your shoes: Leave shoes at your home's entry way to prevent debris from being tracked in and matting the carpet fibers. 
  • Use area rugs: Not only are area rugs statement pieces, but they protect highly trafficked areas and extend the lifetime of your carpet.
  • Clip snags: Remember to not pull any snags, that occur as this can damage your carpet. Instead, clip them with scissors.


  • Vacuum at least once a week: Regular vacuuming is key to keeping your carpet clean and removing debris from highly trafficked areas. If you have carpet in a busy area or have children orn pets, you may need to vacuum more frequently.
  • Clean spills immediately: Even if you have stain- resistant carpet, immediately clean any spills to prevent them from setting in. Remember to remove the spill substance and blot with wateruse water to blot instead of scrubbing. 
  • Use designated stain removers: Only use stain removers that are designed for your carpet type. If you’re unsure, you can contact the carpet manufacturer for more information.


  • Hire professional carpet cleaners annually: In addition to regular vacuuming, it’s important to have your carpets professionally cleaned every six to 12 months.
  • Rearrange furniture: Periodically move your furniture around to remove dents in your carpet. If carpet dents have already settled in, use the side of a quarter to brush the fibers upward.
  • Minimize direct sunlight: Extended sunlight exposure will fade your carpets over time. Consider drawing the curtains during bright hours of the day to minimize direct sunlight exposure.

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Floor Authority is a licensed and insured flooring installation company based out of Myrtle Beach with flooring specialists that will walk you through every step of the installation process.

Our certified installation team stays up-to-date with all the latest hardwood trends and industry standards, so you can rest easy knowing our team is going to get the job done right.

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Carpet FAQs

Carpet costs vary widely based on a variety of factors. The type of carpet (fiber, pile, face weight, etc.), installation process, and carpet padding all factor into the overall costs of your carpet flooring.

The lifespan of carpet varies, anywhere from five to 15 years. This depends largely on how you take care of it, what type of carpet you install, and how much foot traffic it withstands.

Some excess fluff or loose fibers are a natural part of the manufacturing process, so it’s common to see some shedding during the early life of your carpet. These excess fibers will usually go away within a year of proper cleaning with a good vacuum.

Carpets are known for trapping unwanted pollutants like dust mites, dirt and pet dander. If you have pets, carpet is also susceptible to fleas, so it’s important to make sure you’re vacuuming frequently and have your carpets professionally cleaned once or twice a year. If your carpets are over five years old, it may be time to have them replaced for health reasons.

While installation fees for carpet and laminate are comparable, carpet tends to be more cost-effective than laminate flooring.
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