Meet The Designer: Erin Parker
Inspiration • May 16, 2023

Meet The Designer: Erin Parker

by Serena Bethle
Erin parker interior designer

Step into a world where imagination meets functionality, where dreams take shape in every corner, and where spaces become canvases for artistic expression. Allow us to introduce a true genius of interior design, Erin Parker. With unparalleled ability to infuse life into empty rooms and elevate them to unparalleled heights, Erin possesses the Midas touch of turning ordinary spaces into exquisite sense of style, and an uncanny intuition for capturing the essence of a space, the visionary professional crafts immersive experiences that transcend the boundaries of conventional design. Join us in getting to know interior designer, Erin Parker!

Let’s Get to Know Erin:

Embarking on a journey filled with unexpected twists and turns, this remarkable individual defied convention to follow her true passion as an interior designer. From her humble beginnings as a freshman Business Administration major, the path to becoming a design maestro was far from linear. Growing up in Myrtle Beach, she embraced her love from golf, earning a full scholarship to play at Winthrop University. However, her academic pursuits took a different turn, leading her to delve into the world of chemistry. With unwavering determination, she ventured to the Midwest, obtaining her Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from the prestigious University of Notre Dame. Returning to her beloved beachside community, she found herself teaching chemistry as a Lecturer at Coastal Carolina University.

It was an unexpected turn of events, sparked by the sale of her townhome, that ignited her passion for design. Witnessing the power of home staging firsthand, she realized the potential to create captivating spaces that resonated with others. The flames of creativity continued to flicker as she embarked on the ambitious task of designing her own custom home. This transformative experience nurtured her relationships with local vendors and deepened her knowledge of the industry. Surprising even herself, she discovered her innate talent for solving intricate puzzles of home design, a skill honed through her scientific background. 

Drawing upon her research and critical thinking skills, once applied to optimizing chemical reactions, she now utilizes them to curate harmonious spaces. Guided by an unyielding attention to detail, she ensures that each element from flooring to cabinets, seamlessly harmonizes, evoking a sense of balance and beauty. This unique fusion of scientific acumen and artistic sensibility sets her apart in the world of interior design, allowing her to unravel the complexities of each client’s vision and transform them into living, breathing realities. From squiggle lines to the realization of her dreams, this extraordinary journey showcases the indomitable spirit and remarkable talent of Erin, who fearlessly embraced her true calling.

Erin had been interior designing/home staging for about 3 years now and has found her go-to style. She loves contemporary design which consists of simplicity and minimalism as well as mid-century design which is based on nostalgia from the 1950’s. Erin also like to blend styles, mixing 80-90% of one style and 10-20% of another. When done in the right way, it creates a classic design that you won’t grow tired of.

dining room with a wooden table and black chairs

wide shot of living room with coastal vibe Living room with a coastal vibe

We asked Erin a few questions to help others who are in the process of designing or are looking to work with an interior designer! 

What to Expect When Working with a Designer:

A good designer is a good listener. A designer should take their clients’ ideas and elevate them. It is their job to create a beautiful, functional, and cohesive space that fits you and your family’s needs. Every designer has a different method, but I enjoy making a few pre-selections of finishes starting from the ground up. Collaboratively, me and the clients discuss finishes, the emotions that are evoked, and decide on a product that will help us achieve our end goal. A good designer also seriously takes into account the budget. A great design without respect for the client’s budget can build resentment and buyer’s remorse. Remember, YOU live in your home, not your designer. You have to be happy with your home at the end of the day and you should feel good in your space regarding style, function, and price point.

Expert Advice When Picking Materials or Colors:

It is so important to hire a designer when making such decisions. The investment in a designer can save the client stress and heartache from making a poor design choice - sometimes a very costly design choice. For most, it’s best to stay away from trendy colors. Stick with neutrals for your hard finishes (flooring, cabinets, walls, and countertops) and throw in pops of color with decor than can be easily changed out.

White Kitchen with Blue Backsplash

Partnering with Floor Authority:

The sales team at Floor Authority truly feels like an extended family! Everyone there is so helpful and knowledgeable. The team is so friendly, and we always have a great time talking about the newest tile to enter their inventory. I can always count on them for their expertise in all things flooring. 

We appreciate Erin and her amazing design skills. We highly recommend working with her if you are planning to redo your home!