Commercial Flooring Ideas in Myrtle Beach
Inspiration • October 07, 2022

Commercial Flooring Ideas in Myrtle Beach

by Floor Authority

Are you a business in Myrtle Beach that needs new flooring? Need help deciding what will work best for you? We got you covered! There are multiple factors to consider when choosing a floor such as foot traffic, comfortability, square footage, and maintenance. I am sure you have many questions, but luckily for you, all your questions will be answered in this blog. Commercial flooring is an investment, therefore, making smart decisions will ensure longevity and financial appeal. While you can choose just about any material for commercial flooring, we highly suggest choosing one of the following: Tile, SPC, Vinyl, Laminate, or Carpet.

  1. Tile

Porcelain tile would be a great option if your business involves heavy traffic. Tile is very durable and moisture resistant, great for the Grand Strand. Porcelain tiles also can be used for floor or wall tiles making it easier when designing your space. There are many pros to using tile for your floorings such as durability for high traffic/rolling carts, water resistance, stylish, and very low maintenance! The downside to using tile is a cold hard surface, is challenging to install, and grout lines are susceptible to moisture and staining. With a tile option, you will have an endless selection of patterns, designs, and shapes to choose from that will be sure to suit your style and budget!

Best for: lobbies, spas, restaurants, and luxury spaces.

  1. SPC

black spc flooring

SPC or stone-plastic composite vinyl flooring is an excellent option for high-traffic areas due to its extreme durability and waterproof build! SPC vinyl flooring is highly rated with its 4-layer flooring technology and its ability to disguise itself as tile, wood, and stone! Don’t stress over cleaning as this is a low-maintenance option making cleaning the least of your worries. Another great feature of SPC flooring is that it is sound absorbent, has easy installation with interlocking planks that snap into place, and is water and scratch resistant. The only cons to this product are cost and comfort as it has a sturdy and rigid feel that may be uncomfortable. 

Best for: Areas with high foot traffic, restaurants, medical offices, hotels, kitchens, and bathrooms.

  1. Vinyl

Conference room with vinyl flooring

A modern twist on a classic is vinyl sheet flooring. Vinyl sheet flooring is very durable and consists of multiple layers that can withstand high traffic and is water resistant. Vinyl has it all with water and stain resistance, comfortability, durability, affordable, low maintenance, ease of installation, and a variety of design options. Along with all the benefits of vinyl sheet flooring, a few cons include discoloration, damage from the subfloor, and difficulty to repair.

Discoloration occurs with low-quality vinyl sheet flooring if it encounters rubber and can become yellow over time being in direct sunlight. We suggest purchasing high-quality sheets of vinyl.

This type of flooring can also get damaged from the subfloor if the subfloor is not perfectly smooth. Vinyl is soft and even the smallest amount of grain trapped underneath can wear down the material over time causing lumps to appear on the surface and possibly rips and tears. Another downside is that it is very difficult to repair if it is damaged. You will either need to replace the entire floor or remove the area and replace it with a patch. At best, a patch will have seams that will make the floor water-permeable and will likely disrupt the unbroken pattern of colors.

Best for: Any commercial space with a unique aesthetic such as office foyers, hotel lobbies, and schools.

  1. Laminate

laminate flooring in office space

Laminate is considered one of the leading floors for wood and stone flooring alternatives. Its synthetic structure and relatively low price compared to hardwood make laminate a great selection for a commercial space. Another great feature of laminate is that it is both scratch and stain-resistant and its wear layer works against yellowing and fading from direct sunlight, another great choice for the Myrtle Beach area!

Other great advantages include low maintenance, comfort, and styles. On the other hand, it is not sound absorbent and only some laminates are water-resistant. Laminate should be kept dry for the most part for optimal longevity.

Best for: Offices, boutiques, fitness studios, apartment complexes, and cafes.  

  1. Carpet

carpet flooring in an office

Last but not least, carpet! Carpet is by far one of the best selections for commercial spaces looking for comfort and cost. Commercial carpet comes in rolls or tiles that are both trendy and customizable. What is great about carpet is that it is durable, cheap, sound absorbent, safe, and easy to install. With multiple options to choose from, carpet will have the style and size you are trying to achieve. This is most certainly the way to go if budget plays a big role in deciding. Although carpet is the most cost-effective, it does have some disadvantages. One disadvantage is maintenance. Carpet is not the best option for someone who doesn’t like to vacuum on the regular. Carpet also captures dirt and oils making its appearance dirty very quickly, so keep this in mind when choosing your flooring. Another disadvantage is that it traps stains and odors again creating a need for constant cleaning/maintenance.

Best for: Creating a comfortable and inviting space. Offices, apartment complexes, gyms, and rental real estate.


In conclusion, we suggest a carpet for a budget-friendly space and a laminate for a high-traffic space. No matter what you decide, you can’t go wrong with any of these options. It all depends on what is best for you and your commercial space. Floor Authority is here to help you decide and get your space just right. Contact us today for a free quote!