How to Style for an Organic Modern Home
Inspiration • August 30, 2022

How to Style for an Organic Modern Home

by Floor Authority

Imagine a style that gracefully ties together crisp whites and clean lines with organic silhouettes, natural textures, and neutral colors. Organic Modern takes the best of minimalist, modern design and infuses it with pops of nature-inspired elements and sustainable textiles for an effortless space that's cozy yet sophisticated.

Turn Your Home into the Perfect Organic Modern Escape

What is Organic Modern?

Organic modern style is a harmonizing hybrid blending modern minimalism with nature’s beauty. This on-trend design duo marries warm neutral tones, rich textures, and natural materials into cool contemporary spaces—a perfect blend of nurturing warmth and elegant comfort.

People spend more time at home now than they ever did before, and many also want their homes to be stylish as well as create a soothing atmosphere. Organic modern design turns rooms into style-forward sanctuaries by employing organic materials in unconventional ways while still managing to feel luxurious.

To achieve an organic modern home, design by these simple rules!

  1. Add Natural Materials & Greenery

A great way to incorporate an organic look is to add wood, jute, limestone, rattan, and bamboo elements to your space to create an earthy feel.

One excellent way to personalize your space is by introducing handcrafted pieces from your favorite artisans. Select items made of natural materials—stone, wood, or clay—and embrace their flaws; allow plenty of exposure when placing them in a room.

You will also want to introduce greenery into the space. This will really help tie all the pieces together. There are many options to choose from such as large potted plants to monsteras to small succulents, there will be plenty of options to suit your needs. Keep in mind the care these plants will need so faux plants or dried plants may be the way to go if you don’t want to deal with the upkeep.

  1. Use a Color Palette of Earth Tones

Earth tones are a key point in creating an organic modern style. To create an organic modern oasis, you will need to incorporate neutral colors with warmer tones including browns, beiges, whites, and even cool blues. This will help create comfort and warmth in your home. Most organic modern-style homes have white or off-white walls for a bright base to make the organic elements stand out.

Now don’t be afraid to get wild and use some bolder colors to make the most out of this style. You can incorporate colors such as gold, cool blues, or warm neutrals to ramp up or settle the space. If you don’t know where to start when picking out colors, try picking out your favorite multi-colored stone or your favorite colors from nature! This will be a great starting point.

Organic Modern Color Palette

  1. Reflect Nature with Flooring

When choosing a floor for your organic modern home, you don’t need to settle for bland options! Some of our favorite options for this style include cork, bamboo, and wood.

Cork is an excellent choice as it is warm, inviting, and very durable. This type of flooring can be used anywhere in the house. Cork is a natural and renewable material, and it is harvested from the bark of cork oak trees. There are many benefits to cork flooring such as durability, comfortability, practicality, and healthy.

Another great option is bamboo flooring. This type of flooring provides a natural and rustic feel, and the maintenance is simple. Bamboo flooring had many advantages such as being eco-friendly and sustainable, inexpensive compared to hardwood flooring, extremely durable, available in many different colors, styles, finishes, and sizes, and hygienic and great for allergy sufferers. A few downsides are that it can’t be used in bathrooms or rooms with excessive water/moisture, and it can scratch easily if the furniture is dragged across it.

Hardwood flooring is the most common type of flooring for this style as it gives a natural look and is a fantastic option for any room in the house! Hardwood floors are low maintenance, strong and durable, add value to your home, and are long-lasting & cost-effective.

Cork, Bamboo, and Hardwood Flooring

  1. Bring In Decor that Represents the World Around You

Adding wall art to your space will add character to your home design. There are endless options to choose from that will make your home complete. Simple lines and colors are a great way to enhance this style, but landscapes and plant images can also complete this style.

Textures and layers are also a great way to finish the look. Rugs, pillows, throws, and even lamps can be used to add depth and direction to a room. The use of textiles is an easy way to introduce layers to your home's decor—wooden bowls are paired with jute rugs or aged wood coffee tables for example.

The possibilities for textural combinations are endless but typically think about pairing soft textures with natural fibers and rougher pieces with bolder ones from within your space. The use of natural materials and fibers can be seen in the stone used as a base for the lamp and tabletop, as well as in fabric woven into layers of rugs.

An organic modern home is a simple and natural aesthetic that can be achieved through neutral colors, wooden décor, wood-look flooring, plants, and simple artwork. Let Floor Authority help you achieve this style by providing you with the perfect flooring for this style and your needs!